Obama's tourtruck gestolen – en teruggevonden

NBC12 in Richmond meldt dat de gestolen truck van Obama is teruggevonden – minus de geluidsinstallatie

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – President Obama will most likely have to use some backup equipment for Wednesday’s event in Chesterfield County.  We’ve learned the sound system inside a truck stolen from a Henrico hotel was missing when the vehicle was recovered.  It’s a story only we had Monday night. The search continues for the people who stole that truck.

It could have been anyone’s vehicle parked in the Marriott Courtyard lot.  This week, though, it was a truck, which is property of the federal government.  We’ve learned three lecterns, three presidential seals and $200,000 worth of equipment, including TelePrompTer for President Obama’s Chesterfield speech were inside the vehicle.

Sources confirmed what’s been described as “high end audio equipment” wasn’t found when the truck was recovered.

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