[Feeding Frenzy] Speechen in leeg stadion en Europa als 'land'

[POLITICO] Rick Santorum is de ware conservatief – Mitt Romney is inconsistent en gecompromitteerd. Dat u het weet:

Again, I can come at it as a principled position. On Obamacare, on Dodd-Frank and the Wall Street bailouts, I’ve been for private sector health care, I’ve been for no bailouts and believing in capital markets, that’s been my philosophy. I’ve been a conviction conservative who’s stood for those things unlike other people in this race.”

[POLITICO] Santorum weer betrapt op een (klein) leugentje: 

Rick Santorum on Thursday afternoon slipped away from the campaign trail to speak to a fundraiser for a supportive super PAC, despite denying previous reports that he planned to do so.

[THINK PROGRESS] Romney speecht over zijn banenplan in (bijna) leeg stadium:


[SEATTLE PI] Obama is president van het verkeerde ‘land’. Volgens Gingrich moet-ie naar Europa verhuizen: 

The President would like to force all of us into small vehicles. The President would like to force all of to do what he wants.  He’s president of the wrong country. … He needs to move to Europe.

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